HoT Off ThE PReSs!!

KW Mechanical has done it once again.  Offering up a money match day?!?  WHAT you say??!?!!  KW will match dollar for donated dollar for one day.  True story, that's happening.  WHEN you say??!?!!  Thursday, December 14th all day long.  Pull it out because I know you will.  We've secretly jumped off a cliff and entered two more schools into the game of Bikemas.  With YOU and KW Mechanical I feel we won't let anyone down.  Donate Thursday and give KW a run for their money!! 

Dearest Elves,

Another year has come and gone and Bikesgiving is upon us.  I’d like to take a minute and give you some serious props for making our crazy idea come true in such a big way every single year.  We had such a small idea 10 years ago and never dreamed it could have come this far.  I hope you know, what you do makes the giving and receiving process so much more intimate and human.  Your kindness truly leaves a lasting impression on so many.  

In 2016 we managed to purchase and assemble 118 bicycles. 
 You donated 35 of these to 35 well deserving children at 2 schools in the Pendleton county school system along with a pizza party.  83 were donated to well deserving children spread out amongst 3 schools in the Erlanger/Elsmere school system.  I wish you could all be there to see the results of your generosity.  I can assure you it’s amazing and many happy tears and laughs are shared. 

Now let’s get down to business.  We're anticipating the bicycle cost at $50.00 this year.  Our numbers have increased every year and I hope 2017 will stay the course.  We will gladly accept any, Any, ANY, amount you can give.  It all adds up to bikes and smiles in the end.  You can donate on the Santabikes Donations page on this site, by snail mail at PO Box 18532 Erlanger Ky 41018 checks can be made to Jeremy Nelson, or hook up with us in person and you’ll more than likely get a big smooch on the lips, you’ve been warned.  Please have donations in by December 20th , if this doesn’t work for you that’s cool too.  Let us know what you’re willing to give and we’ll work out the details.  Again this year for you Instagrammers we will post progress and results so follow us at @santabikes on Instagram.  You can also join our email list at the bottom of this page and we will try to document the crazy process of bikesgiving with details and pictures and of course give the end results. If you'd like to share this site there are links to Twitter, Facebook, and email at the top right corner of this page. 

You are amazing!!  There is no doubt you will once again blow our minds.  Together let’s give wheels and freedom to another great group of children. 

Jeremy and Sarah

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